… and what needs to happen nationally for local work to thrive?

Throughout the Programme the links between national, regional and local policy and practice were sharply emphasised. It became clear that for local innovation to thrive a number of policy changes would be required. Some of these were published in Don’t Let Me Down produced with the Transition Partnership (Together for Short Lives, Help the Hospices, National Council for Palliative Care) working with Marie Curie Cancer Care and drawing on the Programme’s work.

The landscape for promoting policy and legislative change around issues relevant to transiton is changing but is also potentially fruitful given the range of initiatives current in the health & care field. The Programme team analysed these to produce a tabular guide to possibilities, based on 4 key goals for change: tackling system fragementation, increasing visibility, mainstreaming individualised care and personalised services and equipping the broad workforce to work more effectively: Summary of policy potential

The broader landscape was also summed up in 2 key images to inform discussions on 28 June at the Programme’s final event: an aspirational view of the dimensions needed for a decent life for young people after transition to adulthood; a summary of the core blocks to good transition. Download these here : diagrams of key dimensions and blocks

The work on commissioning carried out across the Programme, in Somerset/Avon, in East Anglia, at learning network meetings, enabled a summary of issues to emerge which raises some of the local and subnational policy issues on flows of funding: summary commissioning May 2012

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