Evidence gathering in Phase 2

Early in Phase 2 the Programme explored the Muslim and Jewish experience in this area in order to bring wider minority ethnic and faith issues into focus and published this paper: BME and faith report

The Programme team also undertook interviews and discussions that explored the following:

– perspectives from young people, that were drawn on to create a ‘staged reading’ which formed part of Programme events in June 2012, read by young people: Staged Reading YP stories final

– perspectives from the Education sector – a notable gap in Phase 1: Transition issues in education affecting young people with life limiting conditionsFinal

– perspectives from commissioners and from carers/parents based on the East Anglia pilot site: reflections on interviews with commissioners ; East Anglia Commissioner Quotes ; East Anglia Parent Quotes ; interviews presentation

– perspectives from frontline staff working with the young people in transition: Themes from workers interviews

A scoping study into befriending and volunteering between young people and their peers was also carried out in Solihull as part of that site’s work. The report & summary of this work can be viewed here: Final volunteering Report ;  vol/befriending summary final

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