Somerset/Avon’s work

This site was formed drawing on networks from the Somerset County Council area and from areas that formerly were part of the county of Avon i.e. Bristol, North Somerset, Bath and NE Somerset. Several projects were underway here that the Programme was able to support and develop. Two principal pieces of work were:

  • MyQuOL-T web-based tool: this was developed by Children’s Hospice South West and is a highly acclaimed tool that enables people to generate and track their own priorities for their quality of life. They can also ‘invite’ named professionals to share their data in Facebook style. While this was developed and trialled with CHSW’s clients, especially parents, it clearly offers a range of exciting possibilities for other groups, including young people with complex health needs/life-limiting conditions. The Programme’s support enabled this tool to be further developed for use by young people themselves and for it to be offered as an app for smartphones, not just an internet tool. It is in the process of being trialled with young people. CHSW is keen to develop this further in particular to carry out formal research into its use.                                    All queries should go to Dr Nicky Harris, Medical Director at CHSW : 01275 866615
  • MyFutureMyPlan online transition planning tool: this was developed from work done through Bristol Children’s Hospital and the Lifetime Service (children’s community nursing) in Avon. Rather than try to get many agencies collaborating on shared guidelines, the upshot of their work was to create a transition planner that young people would hold and share with their professional support circle. Initially envisaged as a paper planner based on a successful format already in use for young people with cystic fibrosis, the planner was broadened in scope and scale. It is being trialled with young people currently. Download it and an introduction for professionals : transition planner for trialling; Intro to transition planner . This work was then picked up by the SEN team at Somerset County Council nt who could see its potential, and using Programme support decided to create from it a prototype for an online planning tool more suited to young people with cognitive impairments.                                                  For more information on the planner contact Claire Mees or Catherine Lane at the Lifetime Service 01225 731624 . For more on the online version contact Roz Pither at Somerset County Council 01823 357867 .

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